Bed Dolls

I love to crochet bed dolls. I have searched and searched the web to find the best ones and that is not an easy task. Bed dolls are becoming a thing of the past and unless you want to pay a pretty penny for an Annie’s Attic design, chances are you will be spending many hours digging around in search of the best free bed doll patterns. I had allot of these patterns pinned to my pinterest page, and I noticed that some links are no longer available and I can’t find a working link anywhere else on the web so I decided to put them all here, with full credit to the original creators! lol.

The patterns on this site are specific to crochet bed doll, pillow doll, and fashion doll crochet clothing. Basically the big pretty dolls especially those from the past.

One of my favorite bed doll pattern sites is no longer available! Luckily I saved many of the patterns! The patterns on this site are NOT my originals. I am not that creative! When I can I will link the patterns to the original site, however, as in the case of the Ricochet patterns, sometimes the web page no longer exists. I hope you enjoy these patterns and please feel free to add links if you know of any great sites for doll patterns.



6 thoughts on “Bed Dolls

  1. Wow Ive been look for something like this forever. My aunt got me into crocheting them and I love them. Thanks for the patterns. Love this site

  2. thank you soooo much these are absolutely gorgeous! I love crocheting especially for dolls as I also collect dolls. thank you again and god bless

  3. Thank you so much for these patterns. I had one that was made by a dear friend of the family and I loved mine. Sadly over time mine was lost. But I plan on making a couple of these for my 2 grand daughters. These are beautiful works of art that have a lot of love put into them.

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